Ramping It Up

ramp 2

They say love can build a bridge… but how about a ramp?

When Chris and his family moved back to Tennessee after a long recovery at Walter Reed National Medical Military Center, he and his family found that they were in need of a wheelchair accessible ramp. After several exhausting calls to the VA, Heather, Chris’ wife, reached out to some familiar faces from their days at WRNMMC….

The ladies of Helping Hometown Heroes contacted the town’s Director of Development.  After a few minutes, they knew they were on the right path. That afternoon, three contractors visited the home of Chris and Heather to provide estimates for the ramp project.

A small organization, Ramps for Christ, stepped up and donated their time to building a 21’ ramp and threshold ramps for Chris. Helping Hometown Heroes raised the funds and paid for the supplies, while the whole project was overseen by, marine corp veteran, Mike Kohler.

Within two weeks of Heather’s initial call for help, the new ramp was completed and ready.  This ramp is so much more than a means for Chris to resume a normal life, it is a true testament to the love and respect for our brave men and women and all that they have sacrificed. People that have never met face to face worked, cried and celebrated together in honor of all that Chris and his family are and will continue to be.