The Bond of A Mother


When the doors to the ambulance opened at the emergency entrance of Walter Reed Hospital, Rosita had no idea that she was about to embark on the mission of a lifetime.

Reno, was severely injured in a roadside bomb while riding in his Humvee in March of 2007. After being evacuated to a military hospital in Germany where he was stabalized, Reno was then transported to Walter Reed Hospital in Washington DC. He spent the next three years undergoing reconstructive surgeries and procedures to rebuild his facial features. During this time, he and Rosita developed a bond that will never be broken, the kind of bond that a mother has with a son, one of compassion, respect and most of all love.

Since Rosita’s decision to create Helping Hometown Heroes, she has personally learned that being a mother truly is the greatest gift she has in her life. Having two sons of her own, one that served in the Navy and the other currently serving in the Army, she knows first hand the power that her hugs and encouraging words can provide. Too many times to count, she has been there for a wounded warrior offering  support, listening, lifting their spirits and holding their hands. Her passion and true admiration for everyone she meets is witnessed in the way she is greeted when entering a room.

Helping Hometown Heroes has become a foundation built on family values, building lasting relationships that continue long after the warrior has returned home. This is a true testament to the bond of a mother… our founding mother, Rosita.