Martha Edwards

Martha Edwards – Director of Communications

marthaMartha Edwards (Marti)  Prior to joining the federal government in 2000, Ms. Edwards worked in the public sector for 37 years in varying positions such as Assistant to Partners, Presidents and Vice Presidents of startup and large companies; her roles included Conference Coordinator, Human Resources Administration, Recruitment, and Project Management. During her tenure with FDA she serves the public in many capacities such as administrative and financial management; recruitment, retention, FTE resource allocation, budget formulation, policy, and Continuity of Operation (COOP). Ms. Edwards continues her education in Business Management while working towards her Bachelor’s Degree.

As Director of Communications for Helping Hometown Heroes Foundation, Marti has successfully worked with the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) enabling Helping Hometown Heroes Foundation to become a part of the world’s largest and most successful annual workplace charity campaign throughout the country and internationally.   Additionally, she researches grants that will provide financial support for our wounded warriors.  Some grant requests submitted have been to Wounded Warriors, Qiagen, Walmart, GM Automobile, and Ford Motor Company.

Marti’s parents served in the US Army in WWII. Her 3 brothers and father of her children served during Vietnam in the US Army and US Navy. She is honored to support our men and women in our Armed Forces. Marti is a proud mother of 2 children and 3 grandchildren.

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